Random Thoughts

*I'm super bored right now, obviously.
*My husband is working a haunted house at the church so I'm all alone. :(
*This has been a boring, rainy, nasty COLD weekend.
*Why do weekends fly by so fast?? I don't want Monday to come!
*I'm hating this cold weather-in the 50s in October??? I mean, really. Is Winter here already? I want summer back.
*I'm really missing my dad right now. I wish he was here.
*I think I need more friends! What happened to all of them?
*I feel really fat right now for some reason! Guess it's just a girl thing.
*And I'm craving BAD food today!!
*Can't wait to make some CHILI tomorrow...mmmmm...I love chili!
*I hope that we will have some SUN tomorrow!
*Welp, guess I'll go do some bible study...then watch some TV all by my lonesome!


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