Okay, so we've been home from the hospital after Matt's injuries for almost a week. Matt is doing really great-he gets better each day! His knee is not nearly as swollen as it was.

At first it was pretty stressful because after injuring his knee AND elbow, he was helpless! I mean, I had to feed him, ice his knee, give him water, meds, massages, help him use the restroom, switch positions....I was exhausted and stressed...and thinking, 'I have to do this for weeks or even months??" Of course I would do it gladly because I LOVE him and know that he would do the same for me!!!

But now things are much better and I am not nearly as stressed! I still have to help him with a lot of things, but it's not as bad as it was. His mom flew in for a few days and helped out a lot, and a friend of ours is always here to help when we need him!

After being in the hospital for 3 and a half days, I decided to take a week off from training. I was just so tired and weak, I thought it would be good not to do any exercising. Well, my lower back was KILLING me while at the hospital and a few days after being home. But I finally did a little cardio at the end of the week, and my back felt SO much better after that! Now it doesn't hurt at all since I'm back to working out! Soooo many people have back pain and I truly believe that most of it is due to inactivity, lack of sleep and stress! I had all three, and my back hurt soo bad, and I don't even have back pain very often.

A lot of people's problems could be solved if they just exercised! We'd all be happier, more energetic, stronger, and get sick less often!! Our bodies were MADE to move!

Here's my poor husband in the hospital!


  1. You live in Louisville? That is cool...I live in Elizabethtown. Not sure if you know where that is but its about 45 minutes away. I go to Lousiville every week to go to either Sephora or the Whole Foods Market...okay, usually both :)

    Good job on your pull up video!!! I know you felt AMAZING! And your body rocks btw :)

  2. Agreed Lindsay! Just the endorphins alone are a good reason to workout! Glad your hubby is home and recovering. Think of this as practice for having kids : )

  3. Thanks, Krissa! Yeah, I know where Etown is. I have a lot of family that live there! My mom is from Bardstown.

    I definitely have a taste of what it's like to have a kid now! That's why I am waiting a few years for that. I'm just not cut out for it right now! I am so glad to be back to working out this week!


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