I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week!! I just love the holidays. I hope the next month goes by reeeaaally slow! I get a little depressed when it's all over with. :(

I do not worry about what I eat on Thanksgiving or Christmas day. I don't just have a cheat meal, but a whole cheat day instead! I wouldn't recommend that for those who are trying to lose weight!

I can't wait to eat all that yummy food that I never eat, and the desserts are my favorite! Especially can't wait to have some of the pumpkin cookies I make every year! SO good.

Well, I started some Christmas shopping yesterday because I am determined not to do it last minute like I usually do!
I really don't go overboard, and I don't have many people to buy for-just my sister, brother, Mom, and husband. I never know what to get for my mom! I am absolutely horrible at coming up with Christmas ideas for people. Any ideas???


  1. Just an idea, I am making all of my friends and family organic soup mix for Christmas. I am putting it in a basket with Jiffy cornbread mix and some silicone muffin cups I bought for $1/6 at Cost Plus. I am also putting some cookie mix in there to round out the meal. I use all-natural, organic ingredients in my mixes so I think they will be a hit : )

    Enjoy your cheat day! I use to do that on holidays just to stay sane but now that I'm Raw, everyday feels like a cheat day because the food is so yummy : )


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