I Work Hard for This!

Just a few things that really get on my nerves....

These comments usually come from people at the gym, when we're talking about losing weight or staying in shape or something, or even just at random times-people will say to me, "oh, just wait until you get older-I used to be skinny like you." Or, "Just wait until you have kids." Basically, they're saying I'm going to get fat one day or that I won't always look the way I do now.

I also hate it when people ask me, "Do you ever eat?" Or, "You must work out for hours every day to look like that." Omg, it is SO annoying.

For one thing, I work HARD to look the way I do! I don't look like this just because I am young, which a lot of people think, or that I was born like this. I don't look like this because I starve myself, or exercise for hours and hours. I look like this because I eat very healthy-I don't starve myself, or even restrict calories. I eat balanced meals throughout the day, make sure to get at least 100 grams of protein, get all my servings of all the food groups(well, except for the veggies! lol), and make sure to get my healthy fats. I probably eat MORE than most people who are overweight, I just eat healthier things and eat more frequently throughout the day, instead of a few big meals. You cannot be lean and toned if you don't focus on eating supportively and getting all the nutrients your body needs.

As far as exercise goes, I do NOT spend hours in the gym. I work out maybe 4-5 times a week, hitting the weights HARD and heavy, and I rarely even do cardio! I train pretty much like a bodybuilder, hitting different muscles on different days, and staying between 6 and 12 reps, 3-4 sets. I am almost always done with my workout in 45 minutes. If I do cardio, it's maybe once or twice a week, no longer than 15 minutes, and it's always some type of interval training.

I was definitely not born like this either. Yes, I do have a high metabolism, and I have never been overweight. So I do think it is a little easier for me than most people to stay lean. BUT-I know that I would NOT be lean and defined if I didn't eat right and train hard with the weights. More than likely I would still be skinny, even if I didn't work out, but it would not be a good skinny! I'd be what you call "skinny fat"-everything would be loose, saggy, flabby, and I'd have no muscle definition, plus a lot more extra fat around my stomach(my problem area, since I am very boy shaped)! But I started lifting weights when I was 12 years old, and I truly believe it is because of that that I have always been pretty lean.

I will continue to live this lifestyle until the day I die! I really don't think I will ever be overweight or out of shape because I can not imagine ever stopping this. I will always exercise and eat healthy, no matter what. I don't care HOW old I am, or if I 8 have kids, I will always stive to be healthy and fit. You better believe that I will be in the gym, even with a huge, pregnant belly! It's a part of me. Do I think I'll always look exactly the way I do now? No. I don't expect that. I know that after I have kids, I may not get my flat stomach back and the skin might be a little looser....and I also know that I will have to work a little harder as I get older to stay lean.

People who tell me to wait until I'm older or wait until I have kids, are just making excuses for themselves because THEY are the ones not doing the right things to stay in shape. They are most likely not eating right, or not working out hard enough or often enough. You can be strong, fit, lean and healthy at any age and no matter how many kids you have!


  1. Very true Lindsay! I am one of the ones who has to watch what I eat and bust my butt to stay in shape but it just makes me appreciate it that much more.

    I have a sister that is a size 0 and has 4 kids. People give her crud all the time. She eats healthy and works out moderately and people tell her all the time to eat more. I think it makes people feel better about there lack of motivation, I don't know.

    I know you can stay thin after kids, it may be a bit more work later but not much. Don't let others get you down : )

    Thank the Lord we're not skinny fat :o)

  2. Thanks! Yup, skinny fat is NOT cute. :)

  3. I love this post. I HATE it when people say..."You should have seen me then. I was so skinny. I looked so good. But then I had kids."

    I dont have kids either but I refuse to believe that KIDS are the only reason you dont look fit now. There are LOTS of people I can show you who are in AMAZING shape who have 3 or more kiddos.

    When I say "you" in that paragraph, I mean the people who make excuses. :)

    People like to play the victim.


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