Turkey Day

So the Thanksgiving weekend is over. :( 

Well, the one good thing about that is NO MORE bad eating! Ugh. I hate eating bad! Back to clean eating tomorrow. Not that I've been eating horribly...but Thanksgiving was bad for sure....then the next day we went to Bob Evans in the morning and then to Texas Roadhouse later, where I had chicken fingers and fries! Then a few pumpkin cookies over the weekend....Oh well. Going to continue doing a little cardio this next week.

Anyway, my Thanksgiving was good. My husband's parents were in for a few days, which was nice. And we spent Thanksgiving day at my Grandma's. I love being with my family-they always make me laugh! And I look forward to playing Catchphrase every year-love that game!

Well, today I finished getting my Christmas tree up and all decorated. That is a long process! I hate artificial trees, so I don't know why I even bought one! Whenever we have a kid, I am going back to a real tree! One of the things I loved as a child was going to pick out a Christmas tree at Huber's Farm. I love traditions and can't wait to someday have my own traditions with my kid(s?)!

Here are some pics of Thanksgiving day:
My Thanksgiving mealAll the yummy food!(My papaw at the head of the table) Some of the fam(my grandma in the middle)


  1. Back to clean eating tomorrow...that's one of the good words I've heard for my life. It's my good thing to read good post and see your Happy-family-picture. Hope to be healthy and happy.

  2. It looks like you had a yummy Thanksgiving! Christmas here we come : )


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