Today was SO beautiful! You can't get any better than sunny and in the 70's in November! It was great to wear shorts and a tank top again....Oh, I am so dreading winter.

I made some yummy pumpkin bread today...I pretty much love pumpkin anything-one of the best things about fall! It turned out pretty good, and I made it a tad bit healthier by using some whole wheat flour. But it was my treat for the week, so I didn't worry about the sugar.

I normally don't go to the gym on Sundays, but I skipped yesterday because I was SO tired(had to get up at 6 a.m. to train a client), so I went today. I was supposed to do legs, but since leg day is my toughest workout, I decided to switch my days up and do shoulders today and legs tomorrow-I just wasn't feelin it today!

So here's my shoulder workout, for anyone who cares to know: seated barbell presses:50lbs-8 reps, 60lbs-6 reps x 2. Seated dumbbell presses: 25lbs-3 sets of 8. Barbell upright rows: 40lbs-10 to 12 reps, 4 sets. Tri-set of bentover lateral raises, lateral raises, and front raises: 8lbs-10 reps, 3 sets. Then did some machine shoulder presses for 12-15 reps. Really tryin to work on getting these delts to pop a little more! There is nothing that looks better than a woman with nice, round shoulders!

Asher enjoying the beautiful day:


  1. It was a great weekend here in KY wasnt it?! BEAUTIFUL!

    Thanks for posting your workout. I always like to read what other people are doing. Looks like a good shoulder workout.

  2. A wonderful weekend!

    I'm always trying different workouts every 4 weeks...gotta figure out what the next 4 weeks are gonna be!

  3. Hasn't this weather been just gorgeous? Either God is giving us a break before a tough winter or He's letting us have a little light in these dark times. Either way, I'll take it : )

    I'm so with you on the pumpkin thing!! Love it and miss it : (


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