Work Work Work!

Ha-I had forgotten how exhausting working more than 5-10 hours a week can be! I still am only working part time, really, but I am going non-stop now, it feels like! Don't have the free time that I used to have!

My body is starting to really feel it. I have been achy all day for some reason. Everything hurts! It's not good, but hopefully it's just a phase.

Well, I trained legs today, but it wasn't really the best workout. I didn't squat heavy today, just did a few sets on the hack squat. I miss having my husband to spot me so I can go heavy! Did 340 on the leg press, which is okay, but I just felt weak, and my lower back and knees were bothering me a little. :( I hate feeling weak, especially for a leg workout! The body part that needs work the most! Ugh.

Anyway, tomorrow I don't have to work much, just a few appointments through the day. I could use the day to relax, but I really wanna start on my Christmas shopping! But walking around the mall for hours does not sound like fun at all....


  1. Lol about the working more than 5-10 hours a week :) Going in for 12 today. (ER nurse). So where do you work or what do you do?

    Cant you squat in a rack with the...dont know what to call them...bars where you could set it down if you couldnt get back up?

    Good job on the leg press. Hope the body aches are gone today.

  2. I can't imagine working 12 hours a day! I am a personal trainer, so I just work really random hours at one gym, and then usually 4 hours every evening at another.
    I guess I could do that with the squat rack with the bars...I just feel more comfortable with a spot-I can always go heavier. The most I do without a spot is 155.
    My body aches are not as bad today. I think it may be my shoes, and it's affecting everything else.

  3. Stress and lack of sleep may be the problem too Lindsay. Your muscles can't heal properly without good sleep. I hope you are feeling better this afternoon : )

  4. Yeah, it could definitely be stress. Because all of it really started after my husband got hurt.
    I get 7-8 hours of sleep most nights, but not always.


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