Amazing Arms

Oh. my. gosh. I want arms that look like that!!!

It's funny because I have women tell me all the time that they want their arms to look like mine...but I just think they're scrawny! Especially compared to someone like Pauline Nordin! Most of the time, she looks too big and bodybuilder-ish for my tastes, but her arms look AMAZING in this pic!

This blog she wrote on her Fighter Diet page totally inspires me to start training even harder and heavier! I can't wait to get in the gym this week and lift some weights! :)


  1. I am slightly obsessed with Pauline Nordin. I LOVE her blog. And I was inspired by that post as well. May be doing a little swinging today in order to go a little heavier and LOAD the shoulders.

    I think the lighting and photographer makes all the differene in how BIG she looks. Have you seen her most recent photos where she is more model like than fitness like? In leather pants? She looks soooo different. Much "smaller." I think she looks amazing either way. I love her drive, determination, dedication, discipline. She rocks!!

  2. Yes, I have seen those photos-she looks GREAT! I like her a litter smaller. And that's true, lighting does make a huge difference. I love reading her blog.
    I am always super strict with my form, so that post made me wanna get in the gym, go heavier and "cheat" a little!

  3. ow, those ARE amazing arms! I am off to check out her blog, thanks!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Lindsay! I pray it's filled with wonderful memories with your husband and family : ) Merry Christmas!



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