Why does Christmas time make me sad sometimes? I've been feeling a little down lately(just the past couple of days)...but it's that TOM, so I'm also a little extra emotional!

I guess Christmas makes me think of my dad a little more than usual. He passed away almost 4 years ago of cancer. Holidays are always a little sad after you've lost a loved one. You always feel like something is missing......because there is. My dad really got into Christmas-he loved the Christmas music, he loved decorating, he loved riding around looking at lights, and he loved when it snowed!

I guess it also makes me a little sad because as you get older it seems that the "magic" of Christmas is no longer there. I try to be festive and get into the holidays, but it's never the same as when you were a kid! There was something so special and magical about Christmas time, and I guess I just miss that! I don't like growing up!! I still feel like a kid, even though I'll be 25 in a few weeks!

Or it could just be the dreary, cold kinda gets me down. Plus working more than usual...and sleeping less. I even took a nap today, but I am still soooo tired!

But anyway, I think maybe if we got some snow before Christmas it would cheer me up!! :) Love snow in December....but hate driving in it!


  1. I like your new pic up top. You are such a pretty person.

    Its weird that you post this because Andy and I put up our Christmas tree and decorations last night while watching Rudolph. Once I sat down, I felt like crying! Like a booo hooo cry. I held it back but tried to explain it to him but he didnt understand.

    I havent lost anyone but my family is not close like they used to be and should be. It just feels kinda empty. I am glad I have Andy or else it would suck. Maybe it will be fun again when we have kids ???

    I remember when it seemed like Rudolph lasted 3 hours and each day in December lasted a century. Now it comes and goes and I never really get into it. I sometimes feel guilty for not being excited.

    Glad someone else feels the same...well, not really glad but at least someone else understands.

  2. Thank you!
    Well, I'm glad someone understands how I feel, too....
    One of my favorite things about Christmas as a child was watching all those movies-Rudolph and Charlie Brown's Christmas, Prancer, A Christmas Carol....
    And yes, now it just flies by so seems like it just comes and goes. You put up your tree and all the decorations, and then it seems like you take it right back down!
    I am sooo thankful to have my husband as well, because my immediate family is not super close anymore, either. :(
    I was thinking the exact same thing about having a kid--maybe that would make Christmas fun again, just to see their excitement and to do all the fun Christmas things I loved doing when I was a kid!

  3. I can't imagine going through the holidays without my dad. I'll say an extra prayer for you.

    I agree that the "thrill" of Christmas is gone. The good thing is that I can keep it alive through my kids. I think the world is a lot less carefree than when I was a kid so I can imagine my kids feel that too. It makes me want to move to a small town and ignore the hustle and bustle of life : )


  4. Thanks, Nicole.
    I know what you mean. I miss being a carefree kid! I guess that's part of what makes me sad sometimes...


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