Letting Go

The hardest thing in life is letting go.....

My mom just recently sold the house that I grew up in. She's had it up for sale for a while, but I was kind of hoping it would take a really long time to find a buyer...but now that it's official, and the house is SOLD, I am actually really sad about it!

I didn't really think much about it until I was over there the other day and realized that it would be the last time I would ever be there....I was standing on the front porch looking out across our front yard, remembering all the good times there...and I felt like I could cry!

I didn't know that a house could mean so much. I spent 20 years of my life there, and it's hard to let it go. What makes it the hardest is that it feels like another piece of my dad is gone.....he helped build that house with his own 2 hands, and he planted almost every single tree on those 5 acres! (And there are a LOT of trees!) I always thought that someday I would be bringing my kids over there to play in the creek and in the woods, just like I did growing up...I never ever thought that someone else would be living there...

I feel kind of stupid being this sad over a HOUSE...but it wasn't just an ordinary house, at least not to me. It was what my dad created...I guess I'll always have the memories, but it's just not the same.

I'm really, really going to miss it.


  1. Of course it's something to be sad about Lindsay. My parents almost sold theirs but didn't in the end and I was so glad. You will make wonderful new memories of your own, I know it : )

  2. Thanks, Nicole. Letting things from my past go has always been hard for me...I don't like change!

  3. I totally understand. That is very tough. Its more than a HOUSE, it was a HOME. No place like home.

    I dont know about you right now, but I want to move to Florida. It is FREEZING here in KY!!! But...I love my home :)

  4. Oh yes, it is WAAAAY to cold for me! I cannot wait for spring to get here.


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