First real snow of the winter here in Kentucky!

I love the snow, but unfortunately I have some clients to train tonight, so I have to try to drive in it! Ugh. I haven't driven in the snow in about 5 years-my husband always drove me to work and school if it snowed! But he has to work today... :( Hope I to okay. I'm scared!!

I took Asher out to run around in the snow, and he LOVED it! Here are some pics!


  1. He blends right in with the snow : )

    I hope you got to and from work safely! I have yet to drive in snow and I hope to keep it that way!

  2. Yes, I got to work fine! :) My husband let me drive his jeep, which does great in the snow. Plus the roads weren't all that bad anyway!
    Now that it's snowed once, I am over it and ready for spring!!!


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