So Monday is here....Man, the weekends really fly by! They never seemed to go by so fast before....They just come and go, and then it's Monday, and the countdown for the weekend is started once AGAIN....

But anyway, didn't do anything too exciting over the weekend. Just the normal grocery shopping and that kind of stuff on Saturday, then a movie that night. I did make some banana muffins that were DElicious!!!

Sunday my husband and I went to see my mom's new house and had dinner there with my brother and his girlfriend. We had spaghetti and garlic bread-yummy!!! I love my mom's spaghetti. Then of course, she had to make brownies, too, and I just couldn't resist! Oh well. ;)
I like her new house, but it's still sad to me that I'll be bringing my kids there one day...and not the place where I grew up.... :( But I'll get over it eventually, I guess.

So that's about it! Oh yeah-my husband was able to spot me again on my squats Saturday-I got 175lbs for 5 reps! It feels so good squatting heavy!!

AND...we're supposed to be getting another few inches of snow tonight on top of the little we got over the weekend...I am TIRED of the snow now, unless it snows at least 6 inches! NO MORE! I am sooooooooo beyond ready for spring to get here!!!!!!!!!!


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