Cheat Meal?

MMMM...this is what I've been craving!!!!!!!!! This may have to be my next "treat" meal! :)

I'm thinking that I'm going to have a cheat meal every other week instead of every week....Some people say it's good to have a cheat meal, some say it's not....I dunno....

But it helps me stay on track and eat really good throughout the week! I just need something "bad" every now and then to keep me sane....I think on my non cheat weeks I'll have some organic mac and cheese or something to get me through the next week! Something that I don't normally eat, but that's not SO so bad.....???

Anyway, I did some cardio today. 20:10 tabata intervals on the stair stepper, which was really tough! I made sure to take looonnng strides and step fast. After that I did a few 30 seconds sprints on the treadmill at around 10.5 to 11 mph, with a 60 second recovery. I'm trying to start slow since I haven't done any cardio since fall, but it's so hard for me to not go all out!! My calves are STILL super super sore from the jump rope intervals I did on Tuesday! But it's fun. I love interval training!


  1. Cheat meals always helped me stay sane. I'm all for them! Now with Raw food I don't need them because everything Raw is fair game : )

    Interval training is the best. This last round of STS had Plyo legs. It's a great interval workout that mixes standard leg weight moves with plyometric leg moves, fun!

  2. Well, I'm thinkin a cheat meal is in store for this weekend then! ;)
    I love plyos. They're tough! Don't do them much, but maybe I'll start adding them in!


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