3 weeks :)

Only about 3 more weeks until Florida!!! I sure hope the weather will be nice when we're there. I can't wait to be laying on the beach soaking up the sun! Speaking of the sun, after a weekend filled with lots and LOTS of rain, today is sunny and beautiful! :) I love it.

Sooo anyway....I've been doing pretty good the last few days with getting my veggie servings in!! I've been getting 2-3 servings a day, which is a lot for me! I still need to work on getting in more leafy, cruciferous veggies, but at least I'm getting in something! I've been having sweet potatoes, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, baby carrots and broccoli. The thing is, since I've cut back on my grains, I actually want vegetables more now and they don't taste as bad as they used to! I guess it's just my body wanting those carbs that I'm no longer getting from the grains...?

I've also been doing good with getting in my 120 grams of protein each day, and I started taking fish oil supplements about a month ago. I've also been taking creatine for the past couple of months, and I think have gotten some gains from it. I've definitely been pretty strong in the gym lately. Squatted 185 the other day for 5 reps! Today I did 110 lbs on the bench press for 4 reps.

I only have a few more weeks to lean out a little more! I've never really tried this before, so I'm not sure if I'm eating the way I should be...I feel like I am....But I know that I'll need to cut out all grains eventually, and that's gonna be hard for me!! I just love my whole wheat toast in the morning!!! But I can do it for a week or two I think! We'll see.....


  1. So exciting Lindsay! I'm glad you get to soak up some rays in Florida. Enjoy some for me : )


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