Family Fun

I love cookouts! We had a little get together/party for my brother's graduation at my aunt's house over the weekend.

It was a perfect, hot summer day for a cookout. I played volleyball, threw football, played in the pool, and attempted handstands with my cousins(I have never been able to do one!!)-and today I am SUPER sore! My whole body hurts.

I ate WAY too much-hotdogs, potato salad, chips-YUM!! :) I just couldn't seem to stop, even when I wasn't hungry. Then we had cake and ice cream! So it was one of those whole cheat days instead of just one cheat meal! Oh well. It's nice to have a break from thinking about what I eat so much, even if it's just for a day.

So this week will be back to eating 100% clean...this weekend is my mom's wedding, so I know I will be eating more bad food!!

Here are a few pics:


  1. How fun! Congrats to your brother, I know graduating was big for him. Enjoy the weather and fun outdoor activities before the muggy, hot summer kicks in! I was just back in Arkansas this week and oh my, it was toasty! It's good to be back in cool, breezy SoCal : )

  2. Oh, the hot, muggy weather has been here for a while already! Almost 100 here degrees today!


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