Jesse's Graduation

Yesterday my little brother, Jesse, graduated from highschool... I just can't believe he is all grown up! There is 8 years age difference between Jesse and I, and in some ways I feel like a mother towards him!

Jesse was always my little "buddy" growing up. He did everything with my sister and me, and hung out with us and our friends all the time. We always got along, and he was never the "annoying little brother"!

We haven't been as close during his teenage years, but I guess it's not "cool" to hang out with your big sister when you're a teenager or something. But that's okay.

I wish my dad could've been there to see him graduate-he would have been so proud, since he never graduated from highschool himself. :( I know my brother has had a tough time since my dad died. It really hurts me to think about it. But I know he'll be okay. All I want is for him to be happy!

Here's us at my graduation in '03

And here's us at his graduation:


  1. How great Lindsay! I'm glad you could be there for his special day.

    You know how people wish they could look like they did in high school? Well, you look even younger now! Such a cute dress : )



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