So It's Monday Again

It's Monday, and you all know that I hate Mondays, but I'm determined that this is going to be a good week! I'm not gonna be depressed that it's Monday!

We're going to have great weather this week, with a nice break in the heat and humidity. Last week we had temps near 100 degrees with very high humidity, but this week it's going to be in the low-mid 80s! It's gonna feel like a cold front! It'll be perfect layout weather for me. :) We're also going to have nice weather for the 4th of July weekend- a little hot, but no rain!

Well, my mom's wedding was Saturday. It was really hot and muggy, but other than that, everything turned out nice. I'm glad that my mom has found happiness; she deserves it.

I just finished with a chest and triceps workout this morning. Got a set of 8 reps with the 45lb dumbbells, then a couple sets of bench press with 105lbs, for 5 reps. I really hate training chest! It's my least favorite muscle to train-well, besides legs!! Legs are the worst. I didn't train my chest very hard until just the past year or so, so I feel like it's my weakest muscle group. My back is much stronger compared to my chest. Guess I just gotta get it to catch up!

Anyway, here are some pics from the wedding-

The strawberry cake was DElicious!!!


  1. You're mom looks so happy. How wonderful for her! Yes, that cake does look delicious:)~

    Nice job with the chest and triceps workout! It's good for your back to be stronger than your chest because it improves your posture. If your chest gets too built it hunches your shoulders forward and rounds your back. Stick with what you're doing, it appears to be working great : )



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