Sometimes I just don't see how I came from the family I came from!! I am so different from my brother and sister in so many ways....

I just talked with my mom on the phone, and she is all stressed out and depressed about my brother and sister, as always. They just both don't seem to have any motivation to do anything with their lives.

My sister lives in a trailer out in the middle of nowhere with her no good, bum of a boyfriend and his parents. She's 23 and hasn't had a job in years, yet she comes to my mom all the time for money, which my mom gives to her!!? She just uses my mom, and I don't see why my mom lets her do it. She'll never get a job if she knows Mom will give her money when she needs it. I just don't see how my sister can live the way she does.

My little brother is graduating from high school, and really doesn't seem very interested in college at all....he's still young, and I understand that... I just hope he doesn't follow the same path as my sister.

I just wish things were normal like they used to be! My sister and I used to be best friends and do EVERYthing together, now I hardly talk to her at all. I can't just call her up because she doesn't have a phone, doesn't have money, etc. I don't think she really cares about hanging out with me anymore. My little brother used to be my best buddy, but now he's just a mean teenager. He really changed after my dad died; I guess he was just angry... Hopefully he'll just grow out of that.

My brother and sister are just both selfish and inconsiderate and don't treat my mom right at all. They aren't appreciative of all that she's done for them. I just don't get it.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that Lindsay. Just look at the bright side, you have a wonderful husband and mother who love you. You can't control what your brother and sister do so just enjoy your life and all of the good things you have. Focus on your new family (you and hubby) and just ask your mom not to talk to you about problems she's having with your siblings. Big {{{{HUGS}}} for you : )


  2. Thanks, Nicole. Most of the time I don't worry about them. I just miss hanging out with them's hard not to care about what they do with their lives when I know what potential they have!

  3. You answered your own questions. She lives like that because she can. Because other people are supporting her.

    Your vacation pics are great! You are so tiny! But have a nice amount of muscle too. Have you considered doing a bikini show/competition?

  4. Thanks, Krissa! No, I've never considered that. I don't think I have a good figure for a competition-too small(and need some boobs!) :)


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