Leg Day

I absolutely dread training legs. Most workouts I look forward to hitting the weights, but not at all when it comes to legs! It's just so freakin' hard and takes EVERYthing out of you!

So today was leg day....I wasn't looking forward to it, as usual. But I had to get my mind prepared because that is everything. If your mind is ready, your body will follow.

Before I hit the gym it was, "I got this. I'm strong; I'm powerful." Same thing before my first set of split squats: "Come on, you can do this!" Before squats, "Strong legs, easy weight, I got this, this is nothin." This really helps me to get through each set. If I went in there with the attitude of, "I don't feel like doing this, this weight is so heavy, etc", I would not have a very good workout.

So I got through it, and I'm sure glad it's over with. You know you got a good leg workout when you have to pause for a second at the top of a flight of stairs just to prepare youself to walk down it! And even your arms feel weak...

Here was today's workout:

Bulgarian split squats: 20lb dbs x 10 reps, 60lb bb x 10 reps, 70lb bb x 9 reps.

Squats: 145 x 10 reps, 165 x 6 reps, 165 x 6 reps ( I did these without a spotter, too! Yay me)

Leg press: 360 x 7 reps, 360 x 7 reps, 360 x 8 reps ( I should've tried to squeeze out an 8th rep on those first two sets!)

Seated leg curl, leg extensions, calf presses to finish.


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