Moving Again??

Well, I think we've decided to move back into our house. We rented it out for about a year when my husband lost his job; now it's just been for sale since the renters moved out. But we haven't had any offers yet. We're living in a condo right now, which we are also trying to sell.

I'm not really excited about moving again, but I think our house will show better with the furniture, and Asher will have a little more room to run! Since Matt and I have been together, we have moved 5 times(in 6 years)!! I am tired of moving. I hate it. I want a place to really be able to call home, a place that isn't just temporary, We have never been anywhere for longer than a year and a half!

Soo this weekend we are going to start slowly moving things back into the house. We are going to do it gradually, so it's not so overwhelming. Hopefully we can get moved in by winter, but we're in no rush. I just hope we're making the right decision! I really don't want to be moving again if we sell in a few months...but I guess we just gotta do what we gotta do.


  1. Oh, I hope it all gets ironed out Lindsay. Moving is something I WANT to do actually. The thought of it is fine, the actual doing it would be tough though I know. Good luck with the moving! I'll pray that fall will bring potential buyers for you : )


  2. Hi Lindsay, stumbled across your blog. Does your husband do any type of training and if so does he have a blog/website or anything? Always looking for new ideas to mix it up a bit. Just curious. Thanks


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