New York Trip

We got back Sunday night from a wonderful trip to New York. We had a great time with Matt's family, and our 2 day trip to New York City was awesome!! I loved it and would definitely go back!

Sooo now it's back to the regular routine. :( I'm trying really hard to have a good week, but it's always just kind of depressing coming back from a relaxing week off. But I'm trying to be positive! It could be much worse-I am really lucky to have a job that I like and not have to work full time!

Well, the weather here has been in the upper nineties with high humidity, of course. It's definitely not fun coming from 75 degrees in New York to 100 degrees here! Today's heat index is supposed to be 110!! You can't really enjoy the summer much when it's this hot. But I can deal with this over the winter, so I'm in NO rush for it to get here. Winter will be here LONG enough!

Matt and I were sooo happy because we got to meet our new little nephew, Noah, before we left! We weren't sure we were going to be able to see him because he was scheduled to come by C-section a few days after we were leaving, but her water broke the night before we left! So we stopped in at the hospital to see him before we headed out. He is so adorable! I'm really glad we got to meet him.

I had such a great time in the city; it even was better than I expected!! It was so surreal being there-I almost felt like I was in a dream the whole time or something! It was an awesome experience. Being in Times Square was my favorite, I think-there is a buzz and energy in the air, and it's just so cool! I couldn't believe I was really there. It was the busiest place I have ever seen! But I loved it.

The first thing we did when we got there was take a cruise around the island. We got to see great views of the city skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Then we took a bus tour of downtown and went to the top of Rockefellar Center for an awesome view of the city! Later that day we took a night tour of downtown Manhattan and some of Brooklyn. The city is sooo pretty and night, and we got to see some stunning views. I loved Times Square at night!

The next day we went on a tour of Uptown NYC, which goes all around Central Park. We walked through parts of Central Park, but we just didn't have time to see all of it! It was a LONG 2 days, but I really did love every second of it!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time Lindsay!! I never really had an interest to see New York until recently. Now I see all of these pictures on blogs about it and it makes me want to go even more!

    Noah looks so tiny in your hubby's arms! How great that your were able to see him before you left : )


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