Be Strong!

I loved this quote from Cassandra Forsythe's blog:

"In my world I'd like women to be strong. To be able to open a jar of salsa, pickles or whatever, by theirselves. To be able to lift themselves up if they fall and to be able to move their own furniture if they need to pack up and go. To be able to carry their own body weight and their own children through most years of their lives without injury. And strength requires muscle."

I completely agree.

I think it's awesome being strong and having muscles. That is one of THE main reasons I work out. Being strong is empowering! I don't want to be a weak, fragile woman who needs a man to do everything for her.

I love the fact that when we're moving furniture my husband doesn't have to call one of this buddies to help because he has ME! :) I love going to the pet store to get our huge bag of dog food, and saying, "No thanks, I got it" when the cashier asks if I need help out with it, and then just picking it up and carrying to the car with one arm. ;) I'm proud of my strength and I'm still working on improving it!

I think it's so awesome when the women that I train end up really LOVING weight training because they see how strong they can really be. At first they might say, "I can't lift that much weight!" But then they do it, and they realize they are stronger than they thought. And they continue getting stronger and stronger. It keeps them coming back because they see how awesome it feels be be strong and to lift those heavy weights!


  1. Amen sister! Sometimes my hubby gives me a hard time if I can't lift something. He says, "Come on Miss Insanity, I want to see those muscles!". It's pretty cute : )


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