God Provides

And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. -Philippians 4:19

For the past couple of years, my husband and I have been working on getting back on our feet financially. Matt lost his job at the end of 2008. We decided right away that the smartest thing to do was to move out of our house and rent it out, which we did for about a year.

Thankfully, Matt quickly got a job working at a gym as the assistant manager and has been moving up in the company since then. He just recently got a huge promotion! This is definitely an answer to our prayers!

God has provided for us this whole time; we have lacked nothing, and we are so extremetly thankful and fortunate. We had some money saved to live on if needed and also had help from his parents, which was a huge blessing. God has opened so many doors for us, and I give Him all the praise!

We had our house up for sale for almost 2 years but never ended up getting it sold, so we recently decided to move back in. We're pretty much settled in now, and it's really great to be back here. I definitely appreciate it much more now. And hopefully with Matt's new position, we can live here for awhile and support ourselves. Things feel like they are falling into place. I know that God will continue to provide for us.

My prayer every day now is that God will take away my desire for material things; that I will be focused on Him and how I can further His kingdom and not so much on the things of this world. I pray that He will give me a generous heart, that I won't be selfish or greedy, and that He will bless us so that we can give to those in need.


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