I Feel Like a Wimp

So since starting CrossFit, I feel like such a wimp. (And I've only done 2 workouts!) I thought I was pretty strong doing my bodybuilding workouts...but I'm not really strong at all compared to CrossFitters, and definitely not as powerful.

I'm basically starting from scratch on many of the moves that CrossFit workouts include. I have to learn all the Olympic lifts that I've never done before, and also some gymnastics moves and kipping pullups.

So...today's workout was a 1 rep max Thruster(basically a squat with an overhead press), 7 sets. This was the first time I've ever done them with weight, and man was I weak. I did 6 sets with 95lbs, the last set with 105. I feel like that is so wimpy. :(

But I am starting slow with this, and I know that my weights will increase pretty quickly(I HOPE!). I just have to be patient. I feel like a total beginner, and I hate not being good at something.


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