I love Squats!

So after 3 weeks of doing CrossFit, today we finally had a strength workout. The workout was 5 single rep sets each of overhead squats, then front squats, then back squats. You were supposed to try to increase the weight each set.

Now that is my kind of workout! I was so excited to do some heavy squats again! :)

First was overhead squats(see picture above). I have just started doing these so it's still a really awkward movement for me, and I'm kind of scared to go too heavy with them right now. So I started with the bar and worked up to 85lbs on the last set. I'm getting better at them, and they don't hurt my shoulders as much anymore. Next up was front squats, and I ended up with 145lbs on the fifth set.

Then it was on to back squats, my favorite, and I worked up to 205lbs on my last set. After so many years of squatting, that was the first time I ever tried to max out. It was a little different doing the squats below parallel, but that's the way CrossFit wants you to squat.

That was a fun workout! Wish we could have more like that!

So anyway...after a chilly weekend, the weather has been so nice the past couple days! It's warm and sunny, and feels more like spring than fall! I love it. :) I don't want the cold weather to come, but it's getting closer....


  1. I love squats too! I'm glad the Cross Fit gave you a workout you enjoyed : )

    Enjoy the sunny weather!



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