Random Thoughts

75 and sunny for the next 3 days!! Now that makes me happy. :) Can't beat that in the middle of November!

And the week is half way over! Woo hoo!!

Oh-and guess what? We got our condo sold! It's not completely official yet; we close next week. Praise the Lord for answering our prayers! It's a big relief to finally only own one home.

Can't wait for the weekend. It's my husband's birthday, and we're going out for pizza at Spinelli's. My Italian boy loves his pizza! I'm going to cook and bake him something for his actual birthday (on Friday), and then we're going to have pizza the next day.

Today's workout is only 8 minutes. 4 handstand pushups(yay! I like those!), 8 KB swings, and 12 GHD situps. As many rounds as possible.


  1. YeAh!!!!! I'm so happy for you!

    Have a great weekend!!


  2. Thanks! :) You have a great weekend, too!


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