Shopping Anxiety

I. hate. shopping.

I'm not one of those girls who goes to the mall every weekend, or has to have a pair of shoes or a different handbag for every outfit...that's just not me. Yeah, I like to look cute, but I don't care about being the trendiest or the best dressed when I go someplace.

Going to the mall is one of my least favorite things to do. But I need clothes, so I do have to go every now and then. But I get major anxiety when I shop because I HATE spending money! It's really hard for me to buy things because it's such a major decision! So I usually end up leaving the mall with nothing because I just couldn't spend money!

What usually ends up happening is I go to the mall the first time, look around, and leave with nothing. Then I worry because I don't have clothes to wear that I like, so my husband tells me, "Just go BUY some clothes!!"

So I go back to the mall a 2nd time and I do end up buying things, but then I feel horrible afterward because I spent so much money on myself!! I feel bad spending money on clothes when there are kids who are starving out there....I feel so guilty....

Does anyone else feel like this about shopping??


  1. I feel exactly the same way Lindsay! My clothes are really basic so they don't go in and out of style, which is possible since some of them are over 5 years old. We do have to let ourselves buy them occasionally though. I have an envelope that I set money aside to buy clothes with. When it gets up to $100 I go buy a few items. You should try it, it's so much less stressful when you have money specifically for that purpose : )


  2. Yeah,I'm not very trendy at all- I try to buy basic things that will stay in style for a few years, at least. I think setting aside money just for shopping would really help. Thanks!


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