For some reason I'm feeling down tonight, and frustrated...

I go through these phases when I start doubt myself...and I get frustrated that I have clients that I've had for over a year who I still just can't get to eat right. I get mad at myself that I can't get them to want to change. I feel like I've failed. I start to think that maybe I'm doing something wrong or that I'm just not motivating them enough or something, I dunno!

I just don't know what else I can do. I KNOW how hard it is to eat healthy. But I give them the tools-I give them strategies, I give them diet plans...but sometimes it just doesn't seem to work.

I push them hard in the gym, but when they're not eating right they'll never truly see the results of all their hard work. I could push them so hard that they pass out or puke, but if they're not putting in the work OUTSIDE of the gym,too....their results will be minimal. I want them to get awesome results and to know how good they would feel when the fat starts coming off!

It's just frustrating. I know I can't give people motivation-they have to have it within themselves. I just get tired of people complaining about how they look, but not listening to my advice about how to change it!

And I never thought I was an emotional eater...but right now I just want to have a big huge bowl of cereal or some ice cream or chocolate....but I'll fight the urge. ;)


  1. Don't feel like you've failed Lindsay. Each person has their own reasons for staying fit, unfit, healthy or unhealthy. You can't control what people do with the help and motivation you give them. Each of us struggle for different reasons and until we come to terms with that struggle nothing can help us. I know you're doing your best for your clients and that is all you can do.
    I have to work so hard just to maintain my weight and sometimes it wears me out. Many a person would have quit by now but I keep going. I am doing a great Bible study right now that is helping me deal with my obsession with weight and food. That in the end is what will make the difference. Not the exercise, not the dieting but my relationship to God. In the end that is the only thing that will save me from this hold that Satan has on me.
    Sorry that was so long winded...



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