Just Some Thoughts

I'm sorry, but if you want to LOOK a certain way, you have to EAT a certain way. You can't eat tons of carbs if you want to really see your abs pop. You can't have numerous treats throughout the weak if you want to have serious muscle defintion.

Now if you just want to be skinny and a little softer, that's fine-you can eat your carbs and have your treats whenever you want. I used to eat like that. If I wanted something and even if it wasn't my cheat meal, I would eat it! I was no where near as strict with my eating as I am now. I stayed away from junk food, but I pretty much ate whatever I wanted.

When I started cutting back on carbs and saw my stomach getting leaner, I liked it! That's the look I want, and if that means eating less carbs and lots of protein and vegetables, that's what I'll do!

It all depends on the look you're going for. I like seeing my abs! I probably won't eat like this forever, but for now it's just my life.


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