Yesterday's WOD was a max split jerk for 1 rep, 7 sets. I LOVE strength workouts! (As most people do). It was my first time ever doing split jerks. So I started with 100 lbs and worked up to my final set with 135lbs.

I think I have come to the conclusion that I just want to be STRONG and not focus so much on gaining muscle. I'm pretty satisfied with how I look right now, and Ive actually had a few people tell me that my arms look bigger! :)

Hopefully I WILL gain muscle doing CrossFit, but it's not going to be the only thing I'm concerned with, like it was when I was doing bodybuilding workouts. Yeah, I would LOVE for my legs and butt to get bigger...but I may just have to accept that it's not gonna happen!

Today's workout was: 7 rounds for time of 135lb front squat for 3 reps and 7 L-pullups. I did 5 rounds in about 10 minutes using 130 lbs for the squat.

So...I'm low carbin' it this week to make up for all the bad food I ate over the weekend! I'm soo sick of cookies and potato salad!!!!!!!! UGH. And this weekend we have another dinner at my grandma's on New Year's day! but by then I'll probably be ready for more bad food. hehe. ;) Ahhh...oh well.

That's all for now!


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