Donuts, Babies and Running

Can't the weekends pleeeeeeease go by SLOWER????

So this weekend we had our cheat meal at Krispy Kreme!! SOOO good, but I ate way too many! Here's what was left of a dozen donuts:

The sad thing is I ate just as many as my husband, and he's twice my size! Maybe next time we shouldn't get a whole dozen. One day I'll learn...

Sunday we went and visited my cousin in the hospital who just had a baby! He is just sooo adorable. Here's me with little baby Landen:

Of course, every time I post pics of me holding a baby to Facebook everyone says, "It's your turn now!" or "When are you and Matt gonna have one?" I am just NOT ready for that at all. I keep telling myself maybe in a few years I'll be ready or I'll want to have a baby, but I just don't know if I'll ever want to have one! Maybe my need or desire to have a child will kick in one day, but it's not there yet! There are times when I think that it would be fun to have a kid, but the many reason why I DON'T want one always overcome the reasons why I would want to have one!

ANYway, today's WOD was running, my favorite!(Yeah right.) Running is my weakness, so I know I need to do it. I just don't think my body was made to run! It feels horrible, and it's not fun at ALL. We had to run 800 meters, then rest 2 minutes for 3 rounds. These are the days when I'd much rather be doing a bodybuilding workout!

Oh, and we booked a cabin in the woods for our 5 year anniversary in March! It's not the beach....but it's something we've never done, and it'll be nice and relaxing with the hot tub on the deck and a beautiful view and a fireplace! I can't wait! I wish I didn't have to wait 2 more months!!!


  1. Oh how I miss donuts! I don't miss the feeling after I eat them just during : ) Such a cutie little Landen is. You are smart to hold off having kids until you're ready. They are a blessing but sometimes the desire comes a little later. My sister is 31 and pregnant with her first. She didn't have a desire until last year. Enjoy the time with your man while you have it and have a wonderful anniversary!


  2. Thanks, Nicole! I am defininitely enjoying it just being my husband and me right now!


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