Monday Ramblings

Well, I had a nice weekend...but it went by too fast as always. We had our cheat meal for the week at Chili's-I had chicken fingers and mashed potatoes with gravy(SO good!!) and then a big, yummy dessert!!

Yesterday I maxed out on squats, shoulder presses and deadlifts. I got 205 on squats, which I wasn't happy about because that's what I got last time, and I wanted to beat it! Same on shoulder presses-I got 90lbs, which was what I got last time I maxed out on them. Deadlifts I got 205, and it was the first time I've done a 1 rep max on those, so nothing compare to on that one.

So I am SO tired of this cold, dreary weather. I can't wait for Spring to come! It's been a COLD winter this year.

I'm thinking about planning a little trip for my husband and me for our anniversary coming up in March...not sure where to go, though....but it'll make the winter a little easier to get through if I can have something to look forward to at least! A beach trip would be nice...I just wish we had some beaches closer to us so we wouldn't have spend money on plane tickets!

Anyway, I guess I need to work up some motivation to go walk Asher out in this cold! UGh!

I leave you with another CrossFit quote I found:

"Train like an athlete, NOT a hamster."


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