Salmon Sunday

Another beautiful day! Sunny and almost 50 degrees! It was nice to take Asher out on a walk this morning and not freeze to death.

But it's just a tease-it's supposed to be back in the 30s later this week. :( I just gotta make it through February and then warm weather will be right around the corner!

We had a great meal yesterday at Bob Evans. I had eggs, turkey sausage, home fries, biscuits, and a big plate of mulitgrain pancakes! Then dessert:

Today is "salmon Sunday"-every Sunday my husband and me have salmon patties for lunch, and I SO look forward to that meal! It feels like I'm eating something bad, even though they're really healthy.

All we do is use canned salmon, an egg, about a cup of ground up oats(I use the Magic Bullet), a little ground flaxseed, onion and garlic powder and pepper-just form into patties and fry on a skillet with oil so that they're nice and crunchy on the outside. So yummy. I like to eat them with ketchup!


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