Rainy Sunday

It's a boring, rainy, dreary Sunday! I am SO ready for some sunshine and warm weather. Matt's working on his jeep in the garage...so I've just been trying to stay busy by cleaning, cooking and typing up recipes.

Yesterday for our treat meal we went Panera Bread for the first time and had some soup and sandwiches. Then some pastries for dessert:

Yes, I had a pumpkin muffin AND a strawberry scone! And we might've picked up some Girl Scout cookies on the way home....and just maybe I ate a couple...

So for some reason I always get in a baking mood on Sundays! Today I made some protein pumpkin muffins. All that was in the recipe was pumpkin, protein, eggs, and spices. Matt didn't like them(I don't think I baked them long enough so they were a little mushy on the inside), but I thought they tasted like pumpkin pie! So I just ate them all. :)


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