Running and Paleo Rant

Reasons I will never be a runner:

1. I HATE it. Have I mentioned that before?
2. There are much better ways to stay in shape.
3. Almost every person I see jogging on the sidewalk looks like skin and bones! pretty much all of the people that I work with are now on the "Paleo" diet. All I hear about is Paleo. What I just don't like about the Paleo diet is they believe it's the ONLY and the best way to be healthy and fit. And I'm just not convinced that's true.

For example, the mediterranean diet is supposedly one of the healthiest diets, and it does include whole grains and legumes, which the Paleo diet tells you to completely eliminate. Also unlike the Paleo diet, it doesn't include lots of meat, especially red meat. So how do we really know what's best?

What both diets do have in common is NO processed foods, eating healthy fats like fish and olive oil, and lots of vegetables.I think that's the key. Exercise, eat less grains (make the grains you do eat be unprocessed, whole grains), eat healthy fats, fresh fruits and lots of veggies! CUT OUT the processed food. I think that is really the most important thing.

You have vegetarians and vegans who absolutely think that their diet is the best and healthiest, and then you also have the people who do the Raw diet, and they feel that their diet is the healthiest...You have those who believe that it's not good to very much meat, and then those who believe that you should eat a lot of meat...there is SO much conflicting information out there! I think something is good for me, then I read something saying it's not, then I read something else again that says it is-it drives me CRAZY!

I think you have to just figure out what works best for you, and what you can commit to forever without feeling like you are restricting yourself from all the foods you enjoy.

I like to do things my own way. I don't like to be told I need to eat a certain way. Yeah, I will admit that I am stubborn. Right now I'm happy with how I look, I'm healthy, and I feel good. But I have read a lot about how flour and gluten is not really good for you, so I've been cutting back on those things. I don't eat regular bread or cereal anymore at all(unless it's a treat!).

But I am still going to include oats and Ezekiel bread in my diet. This works for me, and I don't feel the need to change. Maybe one day I will, but for now I'm sticking with this. Plus, I like to do things gradually. Right now I'm getting used to eating WAY less grains than I used to, and maybe eventually I'll eliminate them completely. But this is what works best for me, rather than doing some "food challenge" or going cold turkey!


  1. I think people can get too focused on certain eating philosophies. I like many aspects of paleo but I am not going to stop eating grains. I also like aspects of a vegetarian diet, but I'm not going to stop eating meat either. I think it boils down to moderation and variety. I am also really starting to believe that you may not like running.

  2. Yeah,I agree with you. It's hard because I'm surrounded by it at work, and I almost feel guilty or weak because I'm not paleo like them!
    haha-what do you mean? I love to run!


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