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For the last year or so I've been keeping track of my protein intake on a dry erase board on my fridge. I started this just to see how much protein I was taking in each day in my quest for building muscle, and then it just became a habit and I've been doing it ever since.

I would also mark off how many grains, fruits, dairy, and vegetable servings I had throughout the day. I started this just to make sure I was getting in enough of all the food groups....then it turned into a way of tracking these things to make sure I wasn't getting TOO much(particularly grains and fruits) when I started my quest to get a six pack(dumbest thing ever).

This did help me for awhile. I've always been the type of person who likes to have everything planned out, and I make lists for every little thing! It's just my personality. But I've decided that now that I know what and how much to eat to get in the protein that I need each day, I don't need to keep track of it anymore! I'm going to ditch the dry erase board!

So I haven't written down my food on the board for the past 2 days. There were a couple of times I went to the board out of habit to write something down and then stopped myself. However, I'm still keeping track in my head- I'll have my 2 fruits a day, try to get a vegetable in with most meals, and keep my grains low on rest days and a little higher on workout days(I like the whole carb cycling thing-works for me!). But there's no need to write it down and keep track of it all!

I usually recommend keeping track of your food intake when you're first trying to lose weight just to see what needs to be changed about your diet; to make sure you're getting in enough of the right kinds of food or that you're not eating too much. When I first started eating healthy, I would make lists of healthy meals and snack ideas and healthy foods that I needed to be eating. And this really helped me in the beginning.

BUT I'm at the point where I've been doing this for so long that I just don't need to do that anymore! I'm NOT trying to lose weight or get any leaner-I just want to maintain and build muscle. I know what to eat and what not to eat. And if I stray from that, it is okay! If I want a banana, I'm going to eat a freakin' banana, even if it's a "low carb" day! If I want a piece of chocolate, I'm going to eat a piece of chocolate! Just like I did before I started the whole, "let's see if I can get a 6 pack thing" last year.

I have abandoned the quest for a 6 pack because I have accepted that it is just not possible for me to have bulging abs without having an extremely low body fat %, as is the case for most women. Right now my abs DO show somewhat-it's not a 6 pack, there is a layer of fat covering my abs, my stomach is a little "soft"-but I am fine with that. The look I'm going for is healthy, fit and athletic, and I think that's what I have!


  1. Hey, girl.

    I hope this doesn't add to your confusion, but I thought you might like this. I noticed your references to your Christian faith and what not, and so I thought I'd recommend the book "The Maker's Diet".

    Now I don't like how the author has a 40 day diet mapped out, but if you want to get clear cut guidelines for nutrition, I figure the Bible is the best place to go.

    The book is a great guide for what God says to eat and what not, according to the Bible. Like I said though, I wouldn't get too caught up on the outlined 40 day diet because that could be a little too stressful. But there is some great nutrition/health info in the book. Just thought I'd share that. : )

  2. I am really encouraged by this :) Its awseome to see you are ok with not being obsessed with having low body fat, etc.... Way to go! :) I like the idea of just being healthy and strong :)


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