Valentine's Weekend

I arrived at work Friday afternoon to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my desk from my husband! I love them. :) Along with this cute note: Is my husband not the cutest thing ever??? I love him!

Saturday morning we went to Max Fit(the gym I work at) to work out. Well, it ended up being a horrible morning. It started out with me wanting to do a few muscle ups before the WOD. Well, I couldn't even get ONE muscle up. I was SO mad and frustrated. I have done these so many times before!

So I just stopped trying and did the WOD, which was 15 pullups and 30 second ring L-sits, as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes. Well, my kipping pullups were horrible. I just couldn't get the rhythm. I was actually on the verge of tears the whole workout because my body just wasn't doing what my mind was telling it to! I felt weak and tired and it sucked. I was so down on myself. I hate when I can't do something well! But I didn't quit, I didn't give up. I suffered through it.

I had an off day, so what? I can't beat myself up over it. We all have those days every now and then.

But anyway, the day did get better. We had our cheat meal at Cheddars-that place is so good! Then for dessert we had the cake that I had made for my husband earlier in the day. It was a cinnamon cake with cream cheese frosting. Yummy!

Today's WOD was 7 sets of one rep of the clean and jerk. Yay! Something I'm good at! I definitely needed a strength day after yesterday's crappy workout.

I did the WOD and then also did a few sets of heavy squats and bench presses. I just felt like I really needed that to feel better after yesterday. And lifting heavy always makes me feel good!


  1. Way to go hubby!! That is an adorable note!

    Hey, give yourself a break, you workout hard and you've done so awesome. Maybe a few rest days are in order. When I'm not performing as well I know my body needs a break. Just listen to it, it'll tell you : )



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