Squats and Handstands

I just finished today's WOD: 5 rounds of: 20 squats(I used 85lbs) and 20 yard handstand walk(I did 30 seconds handstand holds against the wall).

Yeah, I know I've mentioned that I love squats...well, not today. Like I said, I like heavy squats for low reps--20 reps with 85lbs was hard, even though that's a very light weight! Muscle endurance is definitely what I'm lacking!

Someone at the gym today told me that I look like I've gained muscle and am more defined! Yes, I love to hear that! It's hard to see the changes in your body yourself sometimes. I sure hope I'm getting bigger!

So... no big plans for the weekend, except for baking some healthy treats! I love love love to bake, and I have like a thousand recipes that I've found on the internet to try! :)


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