Sunshine, WOD and Other Stuff!

The sun is shining!! :) It's so nice to see the sun after having clouds and rainy weather for the past week.

Today's workout was a hero WOD. It was a pretty crazy one, so I scaled it to this:
3 rounds for time:
3 muscle ups
9 burpee pullups(these are hard, but I really like them!)
15 pullups
400-600m run (not sure how far I actually ran, but something like that)

So the last time I tried to do a muscle up, I couldn't even get ONE, but today they felt pretty easy! I was really happy about that.

Oh-and yesterday, I got 30 double unders in a row, my new record! I am getting so much better at them.

And another thing-I stepped onto the scale yesterday....and I weighed almost 125 lbs!!!! Now, you've got to understand-it's very hard for me to gain weight. I have hovered around 118-120lbs for about the last 5 years, probably even longer than that. My body composition has changed in those 5 years(gained muscle, lost fat), but my weight has pretty much stayed the same. The highest I've been was around 122, and that's usually after a cheat day.

So I was pretty shocked to see 124.8 on the scale! I'm actually pretty happy about it, hopefully it's all muscle though! I don't know if it's CrossFit or the way I've been eating(less carbs, more fat and veggies)... or most likely a combination of both. Or maybe it was just the box of chocolates I had last week and those girl scout cookies...LOL ;) Who knows.

And just to keep you updated on my food "OCD"...I haven't been tracking anything on the board lately, even though I do kind of miss it! I'm still doing the carb cycling thing, just keep track in my head.

Today I was SO hungry a couple of hours after my I finished up the last of the Girl Scout cookies, and also had some left over homemade mac and cheese! It was just sitting there in the fridge calling out to me...I tried to resist...but then I just said 'what the heck' and ate it!

Now that doesn't mean I give in every time I'm craving something "bad", but one or two times a week isn't going to kill me or make me fat. And I'm not gonna obsess over it or feel bad because I "gave in". I really don't even see it as giving in, I just let myself have it because I know that it's okay when 90% of my meals are clean and healthy.


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