70 Burpees, Oh What FuN!

Today's workout was:

70 burpees
60 sit ups
50 kb swings with 35lbs
40 pullups
30 handstand pushups

I saw the 70 burpees...and I knew that it was gonna be a hard one. I did it as rx'd....well, my handstand pushups were not completely full range of motion all the way down to the floor, but oh well! It took me about 23 minutes(a little under). Kristan Clever, one of the BEST CrossFitters out there, did this workout in 9:56. I can't even comprehend that. I was just finishing the 60 situps at that time-not even half way through!

But I am getting so much better at a lot of the things I could hardly even do a couple of months ago. My double unders are getting easier, my kipping pullups are MUCH better, I'm stronger at handstand pushups, and my freestanding handstand holds are getting there! I stayed up for about 10 seconds one time! :) Still need to work on some of the lifts, especially the snatch. And I'm wanting to improve my squat and deadlift weight. I'm stuck at about 200lbs on both of them for my 1 rep max.

ANYways...today is going to be 85 degrees! Ahhhh, it's sooooo nice to have the warm weather back. Everything is starting to bloom-I love it!


  1. Awesome! I did that WOD! Almost. lol

    Good for you, that is badass.

    (random googling trying to find out if there was a name for that WOD and found your blog.)

  2. Thanks! It was tough, and my time was horrible! But at least I got through it!


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