Yucky Veggies

Why do vegetables have to be so good for you??? I hate them! I love meat, I love fruits, I love nuts, and of course I LOVE carbs. But I really, really do not like vegetables.

If I didn't care at all about my health, I'd never eat vegetables EVER.
Tonight I gagged down a salad and some steamed cauliflower for dinner...and I'm just thinking, "why am I doing this to myself??" I shouldn't force myself to eat something that I hate, right? I don't think I'm ever going to eat another salad again. Of course, I always say that, and then I do! Maybe I just need some new ways to prepare my veggies...or disguise them somehow.

All I know is that it's definitely time for a cheat meal when I just cannot choke down another vegetable! UGH. Sometimes I go through phases when I just want to go back to eating all the carbs I wanted and never any vegetables, like I used to! BUT that's always just a passing thought- I know I would never go back to eating like that because I just don't think it's healthy. So I'll just keep eating my veggies....

Tomorrow we're leaving for Gatlinburg, and I am not going to be worrying about eating right, that's for sure! I'm not going to go overboard and eat every bad thing in sight, but I know there will be more than a few cheats this weekend! :)


  1. I was wondering about getting one of those Montel Williams Health blaster blenders so I can mix up veggies with fruit and just drink it. It is SUCH an expensive blender though!!

  2. Have you ever heard of The Sneaky Chef, it's great. You take veggies and purée them and mix them in your food. I fixed a chilli from this book it had a white purée and a green purée and my husband couldn't taste the veggies. The white purée is caulifour & squash; the green purée is peas, broccoli, & spinach. We loved it.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to have to do something...I just can't keep forcing veggies down my throat anymore.


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