Calorie Counting?

I'm NOT a fan of counting calories.

I have never kept track of how many calories I'm taking in, but rather the types of food I am eating, and the ratios of fat/carbs/protein in my diet.

Yes, people who are overweight will get results from eating less calories, initially. But if your focus is only on keeping calories low and not on eating good quality food, then in my opinion, you are not benefiting your body in the long run.

Also, if you are really trying to change your body composition(gain muscle, lose body fat) and not just get smaller and weigh less, then calorie couting is going to be less important than eating the right kinds of foods. For example, someone who eats 1500 calories of cookies, chips, and Twinkies is most likely going to look completely different than someone who eats the same amount of calories of chicken breasts, fish, vegetables and nuts. It's NOT all about calories in vs. calories out like you always hear.

To lean out and gain muscle mass, you need to focus on getting in quality food-lots of lean protein, healthy fats, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates like fruits. Your body will function better and look better when you are eating a diet comprised of mostly natural foods and not a bunch of fake, processed foods and chemicals. Plus, it's just better for your long term health. People need to start focusing more on being healthy and not just wanting a "quick fix" just look to better!

I am not going to say that I eat 100% natural. I don't, and probably never will. But I do focus on eating natural as much as I can. I have gotten great results over the past few years by cutting back on foods like cereals, granola bars, crackers and "sugar free" this or that. I was never overweight to begin with, but my body composition has changed after taking those types of foods out of my diet.

For me personally, I would MUCH rather focus on eating natural and on keeping carbohydrates LOW and protein and fat high than have to worry about constantly keeping track of calories. Calorie counting would drive me crazy. I eat whatever and however much I want regardless of how many calories it has. All I care about is that what I eat is very low in sugar, high in protein, and has some healthy fats in it.

Now, there are times when you may want to track calories, such as when you've hit a fat loss plateau or if you are doing a fitness competition or something like that. Calorie counting is not bad in and of itself, as long as you are focusing on eating quality food in addition to tracking calories.

Remember-It's not about counting calories, but making your calories count!


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