Why I Blog

Why do I blog? Well, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not really a very social person...so for me, writing has always been a way to get things off my chest. I've kept a journal/diary my whole life, and I basically started this blog to be an online journal.

So mostly, I blog as a way to get out my thoughts, feelings, frustrations, or just to vent about something that annoys me. Sometimes I may have something interesting or "educational" to say, sometimes it's something really serious, and sometimes it's just something pointless and silly.

Sometimes I post things about health, fitness and nutrition because that's a big part of my life...sometimes I write about a workout I did or what my cheat meal was over the weekend...sometimes it has something to do with my faith....sometimes it's just a picture or a quote or a bible verse that I like...and sometimes I just post random thoughts.

I never even thought anyone would "follow" my blog, and I don't blog for the purpose of trying to attract followers. This is not that kind of blog. This is just a blog about my life and my thoughts, and if someone likes to read it, then that's cool! :)


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