5 minutes

Did you know that you can get an awesome butt kicking workout in just 5 minutes? Yup, you can!

My workout today was only 5 minutes. First I warmed up with some jump rope, squats, lunges and pushups. Then for the WOD, I had to get as many rounds and reps as I could in 5 minutes of 3 deadlifts with 165lbs and 7 push presses with 80lbs. I ended up with 5 rounds and 3 deadlifts.

It was tough! I love those super short but super intense workouts. Well, that's really what most CrossFit workouts are, pretty much, depending on your fitness level and how fast you can complete the workouts. A workout hardly ever takes me longer than 30 minutes, which is #157 why I love CrossFit!!

Here's me before heading to the gym. I found these pink shorts at Wal-Mart that I LOVE that match perfectly with my cool knee socks! Ya gotta look cute at the gym. ;) As long as you look cute AND work your butt off. Well, work your butt ON, hopefully, for me! Hehe.

So another guy today in the gym today asked me if I'm competing. Whenever someone asks me that, I think, "Competing for what??" I mean, I know most of the time they mean a figure competition or something, I guess. Like it's just so odd to look really lean and fit and not be a fitness competitor. I'm tellin you, it wouldn't be such a rare sight if more women would train with any sort of intensity and lift something heavier than 5lbs!!


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