Don't Get Too Bulky

So this older guy comes up to me at the gym yesterday after my workout, asked how long I'd been working out, said I looked good, and asked what I was trying to do. I told him that I just wanted be fit and healthy and also to build some muscle.

Well, then he goes on to say, "Well, the best thing is to just be fit and healthy, you don't want to build too much muscle and get bulky cuz I've seen some women that are bulky, and I just don't think that's attractive."

Thanks SO much for the advice, mister, I'll be sure to keep that in mind. NOT! This guy had no clue who he was talkin to! BUT I just kept my mouth shut, smiled, and let him go on his way.

So the WOD today is heavy bench presses and squats. I better be careful, then-don't want to get too bulky because that is just sooo unattractive. I mean, who in their right mind would want to look these women??? It's just SO gross.


  1. HAHAHAHAA Aw, thank you sir. 'preciate the input. That's hysterical. Your post truly made me laugh out loud. Glad I found your blog!


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