Rant of the Day

How come people don't listen to me? Does everything I say go in one ear and right out the other? I mean, that's how it seems sometimes. I guess people think they just can do things their own way. Like I know nothing about what I'm talking about.

Everyone wants some secret to getting great abs. It's just annoying. There is NO secret. It's just hard work. And I don't mean doing hundreds of crunches, either. I'm talking eating right. But NO one wants to do that. It's just way too hard. But they sure will continue to complain about not having a flat stomach!

I tell my clients from day one that you canNOT spot reduce. Yet a few months later they'll say something to me like, "Can we work my abs a lot today?", or, "Can we do something to get rid of my upper back fat?" I'm like, really? I have to explain this AGAIN? If spot reduction were possible, everyone would be walking around with 6 pack abs and fat bodies because all I see people doing at the gym is a bunch of ab exercises! And obviously, that's not the case. It doesn't work.

I don't even train my abs anymore. At least, not in the way I used to. There really is no need to do a lot exercises strictly isolating the abs because EVERY exercise we do in CrossFit works your abs! It's called midline stabilization. Yet CrossFit, along with healthy eating, will give you some amazing abs, without a single crunch.
Okay, there's my rant for the day! I'm done. :)


  1. Amen! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has people requesting spot reducing exercises. I also agree with you about exercising abs. When I'm doing enough other exercises they get a good workout without having to isolate them with the traditional ab exercises.

    PS- Make sure not to lift heavy weights so you don't get too bulky:) I liked your last post too.

  2. Ha Tom! I'm not going to lift heavy anymore, I just want to be toned. hehe. Anyway, I don't miss training abs at all-TOO boring for me!


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