My Muscle Building Journey

A strange thing has happened lately.

I remember years ago, looking through fitness magazines, hoping to maybe one day look like one of those models. I would cut out pictures of the ones I liked and thought I could strive to look like some day, for motivation. I wanted the muscles they had, their defined arms, their chiseled abs, their shapely legs... I admired them.

So I read all that I could about how to build muscle. I read books, magazines, online articles. I planned out all my workouts obsessively and tracked them in a notebook. I trained harder in the gym, started lifting heavier. I started changing the way I ate-eating more, getting in more protein. I was on a mission-to build as much muscle as I could!

Then today, as I was looking through my Oxygen magazine, it hit me. As I looked at the models on the pages that I had for so long admired, I suddenly realized...I kinda, sorta, maybe...look like that!? It's like all of a sudden I woke up one day and looked in the mirror, and I had the body that I have been striving for for years! I mean, of course I know that it didn't happen overnight, but for some reason that's what it feels like!

(Now, I have to say that I DO NOT, by any means, think I have the perfect body, or that I could be a fitness model, or that I look exactly the way I want to. That is NOT the case. I want to build more muscle(I still look a little scrawny to myself in pictures). I want bigger legs and a bigger butt, especially! And better abs.... BUT from where I started out 8 years ago, at a skinny 115 lbs, I have come a long way. I now have almost 10 more pounds of muscle, and I am leaner than I was then. )

It just goes to show that hard work and persistence pays off.

I lifted weights for years and years, and sometimes I thought that I would just never build enough muscle to look like one of those fitness models. It always seemed like a far off dream.... There were times when I felt like I was getting nowhere. But I kept striving for it and working harder and harder, lifting heavier, eating better. I was determined to look like one of those models one day, no matter if it took me 20 years to get there!

It wasn't easy. Building muscle was a long and slow process. My whole life practically revolved around building muscle. I planned my days around getting to the gym. I had to make sure I was always eating enough, getting my protein in, never skipping meals no matter where I was-I always had food on me. I choked down nasty casein shakes before bed every night, and made sure to get in my fast digesting carbs and protein post workout.

And now...I can SEE the results of all those years of training and nutrition. It finally shows! It's just so cool and makes me SO happy and proud to know that my hard work after has paid off! The first thing people notice about me now isn't just that I'm "little" or "skinny" anymore. They see my muscles, they see the definition in my arms and my legs, and that makes me feel good. :)

What I want people to get from this is that if you want something bad enough, you won't stop until you get it. You won't ever quit or give up on your goal. Set your mind to it, and commit yourself to it, with everything you have. Whether your goal is building muscle, losing weight, getting your first pullup, or squatting your bodyweight-don't EVER give up, no matter how frustrated you get. Even if you think it's not working, keep working at it. Even when you feel like it's hopeless, keep hoping for it. You WILL get there. You just have to be patient. And the feeling you get when you finally achieve your goal is just amazing, and it will make it all worth it.


  1. Congratulations on realizing your success. You are definitely a babe.

  2. You are proof that hard work pays awesome that you see that now also.

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