I Love Working Out :)

I am so excited to work out today! I love working out so much that I actually HATE rest days, even though I know I need them. I don't see how people can NOT like to work out...they don't know what they're missing! ;)

I mean, yeah, some days I have low energy and don't feel like working out, but I ALWAYS feel better once I get started. Sometimes my workouts are SO hard and I suffer all the way through them, and I'm saying to myself, "I hate this!" the whole time, but really, deep down I love it. I love the way I feel afterwards knowing that I pushed myself and made it through. Sometimes I surprise myself by what I can do.

I love being strong and fit and constantly challenging myself. I love what my body can do. It just feels good.

So anyway, today's WOD is an 20 minute amrap(as many rounds as possible) of: 2 muscle ups, 4 handstand pushups, 8 55lb kettlebell swings. I love workouts like this, and I can't WAIT to do some muscle ups! :)


  1. You are a CrossFit Freak! That's a compliment by the way. I feel about basketball like you do CrossFit. I just wish I had your same passion and enthusiasm (and pain threshold) when it comes to resistance training.

  2. Haha, I know! I love it!


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