Just Another Rant!

Okay, confession: there are some people I don't really like to train. These are people who come to me who have some event, or a beach trip, or whatever coming up in a month and want to get "toned up" or lose 20lbs quick.

Let me tell you why: It's not always the case, but the ones who are looking for that quick fix weight loss are the ones who usually don't last long. They're the ones who only care about losing weight and nothing else. All that matters to them is getting to that certain number on the scale. They give up and quit when they aren't getting results as fast as they think they should, or when they realize that they have to put in a lot more effort.

I think that some people start bootcamp or personal training thinking that they are going to completely transform their bodies in a month. People always say to me when they start, "I wanna look like you!" Well, the thing is you CAN....but it's not gonna happen in a month or two. They have NO idea how hard it is. A lot of people quit when they realize it's not gonna be easy.

My job as a trainer is not just to give my clients a great, butt kicking workout(that's the easy part!), but it's also to try to motivate and to hopefully inspire people to want to change and to live a healthier lifestyle. For some people it's a helpless cause...they just don't want to change. What I say goes in one ear and out the other. Yet they continue to complain about how they can't lose weight.

Some people will just never get it. Even when I explain to them that it's not healthy to lose weight fast and that you'll most likely gain it all back, and that your focus should be on getting healthy, making a lifestyle change, and getting strong, they still think they can do it their own way. They're still not changing their eating habits, they're still obsessing over the scale... but they're not doing anything to become healthier.

So eventually they quit. I guess to some people, it's just too much work. It's too hard. They'd rather take some pill or have liposuction or go on some crazy diet just to lose weight that will come right back.

Getting an amazing body is hard work. It's not something you get in month, or even 3 months, or even a year! IT TAKES TIME. A LONG TIME. It's not just something you get by changing a few little things in your diet here and there or exercising a couple of days a week, or lifting light weights.

It's a CONSTANT changing of your habits and lifestyle. It's changing your whole mindset. It never stops-you must constantly evolve and try to become better and healthier. THAT is when you will get results. When you are willing to change. When you stop trying to just get in shape quick for that trip to the beach, and you start wanting to change yourself for the better, from the inside out.

It's doing what it takes for as LONG as it takes when you will finally get the body you've always wanted.

"If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results."
-Jack Dixon


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