My Favorite Cheat Meal

I have to say, I think Krispy Kreme donuts are my favorite cheat meal!! I especially the LOVE creme filled ones, and the new Oreo cookies and cream donuts were DElicious! I had 4 and 1/2...and one the next day!
There's a time to eat healthy(which should be 90% of the time!!)....and then there is a time to SPLURGE. And I have to say, I love my splurges. :)

I'm not one of those people who act like I absolutely LOVE eating healthy all the time. Sometimes I DON'T like what I eat...I just eat it because it's healthy and I know that's what it takes to look good!

I get bored with what I eat every now and then...and sometimes all that gets me through the week is looking forward to my cheat meal. Maybe that's not a good thing...but it is what works for ME. I love junk food! I just don't love the effects of it, and THAT is why I eat healthy. But I sure enjoy my "treats"! :)


  1. wow! those look amazing! you are so is all about balance. I love that you've figured out what works for you :)

  2. oh my yum :) My husband always wants to get in the car at the most random times to get Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Maybe I'll go get him (me) some today!

  3. Oh yes, they were YUMMMMMYYY!!! I've always loved donuts. :)
    I make sure that my treats are something that I LOVE and that I've been craving for a while...I don't like wasting my cheat meals on things that aren't really worth it. But these were definitely worth it! ;)


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